Art for Art's Sake (2007)

by Addictive Nature

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released January 1, 2007



all rights reserved


Addictive Nature North Carolina

Inhale Life. Exhale Music

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Track Name: I Can't Help It
Favorite Line:
"It's all about the music... yea but models are hot/ so I guess that I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place/ either way I'm never leaving till it's completed/until I'm bleeding and not breathing I'm not quitting/ hot women come and go man I'm not kidding/ the only person who could make me stop spitting not living." (My grandmother!)
Track Name: Mic Check
Favorite Line:
"Every day I wake up I go straight to my note book/ take a close look at the last shit that I wrote/ see if it's dope, change it if it's not even close/ start nodding off like older folks/ I thought I told you most the shit I thought and wrote is dope enough to make you overdose/ hold up, stop, grab the mic, gotta toke a bowl/ decapitate emcees and use their heads to build totem polls."
Track Name: Keeps Getting Better
Favorite Line:
"Lovin it like LB, it's just us though/ me and LG, on hustle/ D.E.L see I know what I'm doing/ plus I'm moving so you better strap your B.E.L.T's/ that's a seat belt, stoners think I'm talking about a sandwich/ I paint a W you see an M on the canvas/ that's just my advantage, my brush will wander/ I'll paint what I see you can see what you want to."

I feel like people don't get half of the creative stuff I put in lines. For instance...

"Lovin it like LB, it's just us though"-I'm playing off justice league the group that Little Brother is in.

"D.E.L see I know what I'm doing"- an at the helm reference. "life is a blast when you know what your doing, better know what your doing before you life gets ruined." Del
Track Name: Somehow
Favorite Line:
"I write because I love to, rap because I can/ record it and put it out to get it in your hands/ perform it so you don't have to sit you can dance..."

"It's luminescence when I move this pen/ since adolescence I've been adding sentences together, so once again/ I'm back at it"
Track Name: Lonely
Favorite Line:
"I had no idea and she had no clue/ so when I look back at it it all seems so stupid"

i.e. I had no idea what i was doing... and she had no clue how much I liked her.